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A lovely, if subtle, redesign of This Studio featuring a very creative approach to project/work shots.

Comm Arts Design Annual 51:

While my MacBook Pro gets it’s logic board replaced I get to be inspired by print.

Lovely letterpressed announcements done by Studio on Fire for Mattson Creative.


The bare essentials for the graphic designer

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Green PC

The eco-friendly-crusaders lower your flags for a moment to consider Design Hara’s green HTPC. Let me hit you straight with the specs: recyclable green chassis of the PC handcrafted (side panels) from cypress wood from Italy or rose wood from Canada; front cover of this computer can be made from natural sheep leather. The internal segments of the PC are connected by a bolts and nuts structure, making it easier to separate so recyclable e-waste can be removed.
The unit is compatible with Mini-ITX small motherboards,and uses only a third of the energy consumed by desktop computers. It also features HDMI and DVI outputs and has an Intel Core2Duo processor, 4GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive.

More on this eBeauty here.

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I love the simplicity of this concept.


The A-stand is based on a design by PhD Dan Steingart and serves a functional and practical need in improving the ergonomic work position at your workstation. The simple and Iconic industrial design is inspired by the use of plumbing tubes in designing anything from chairs to lamps. The idea of creating a laptop stand out of plumbing tubes was taken up by AIAIAI Lab and was further developed into it’s current design and choice of material.

Studio Output have just launched their new site with an amazing interface. Built by Kleber.

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This is inspirational living…enough said.


West Broadway

New York, NY

This project began with the New York real estate fantasy of knocking down the walls and taking over the apartment next door. We combined two existing apartments to manifest one of our favorite principles: abundance. Many of the original details of the combined spaces were retained and then enhanced, restoring the soul and charm of pressed-tin ceilings and hardwood floors but elevating the aesthetics to another level.

I am saddened to learn that one of my favorite design blogs, Grafik Cache, is closing its doors. Go to page > view source to learn the story behind it.

Best of luck and thanks for all the great resources and inspiration over the years.

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