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Hawthorne - Selected Tales and Sketches:

Love the cover design of this edition

A lovely, if subtle, redesign of This Studio featuring a very creative approach to project/work shots.

Love Letters From NOLA

Really enjoying the graphic/typographic design and photography in this project.

I’ve Got Mail:

I love the art direction going on over at Good Magazine.

Denoising Field Recordings

The record documents the attempt at using denoising techniques on various field recordings of trains, streets, swimminghalls and public transport.

Denoising Field Recordings is released as a limited edition of see-through 12″ vinyl. The all-white cover of the sleeve is printed exclusively with varnish.

Lovely work all around by Hans Renzler.

Comm Arts Design Annual 51:

While my MacBook Pro gets it’s logic board replaced I get to be inspired by print.


The bare essentials for the graphic designer

via this isn’t happiness.™

From my new favorite tmblg.




The creative process (via Gemma :D)

I am saddened to learn that one of my favorite design blogs, Grafik Cache, is closing its doors. Go to page > view source to learn the story behind it.

Best of luck and thanks for all the great resources and inspiration over the years.

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