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Shortly after completing the music for my album, “Burning of Wine”, I began writing towards what would become this album.

Saturation Event" is a sonic exploration of the place that exists between being awake and asleep. Space and time seem to fold in on themselves and elements of reality become distorted. Experimenting with analog tape saturation I wanted to capture some of the feeling, that haze or cloud, that descends upon your mind just before letting go and drifting off. Slow, steady, and enveloping - layers of music peel away and seem to crumble, or fall apart, separately from the whole.

Headphones recommended. Thank you for listening.

Available now as a FREE DOWNLOAD: Benjamin Dauer - Saturation Event

This is a track off my upcoming release, “Saturation Event”, due out mid-June 2011 on the Feedback Loop label.

Thanks or listening, I hope you enjoy it.

In Stillness I Hear Your Voice

This is an outtake from my next album, entitled “Saturation Event”. Please download, share, etc.

I hope you enjoy it and thanks so much for listening.

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