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A new track of mine is available as part of a great compilation album over at PublicSpacesLab - 020 The Future Lab. There are 20 artists from all over the globe, videos for each track, multiple audio formats, and all available for FREE download! Grab your copy now.

A little about my track…

Burning of Wine

This song began from a discussion I had one evening w/the love of my life – poet & collaborator, Michelle Seaman. While reflecting on our time together it became obvious that our differences form a powerful fire between us – a beautiful tension which allows us to challenge each other and continually grow as artists. This notion of opposites attracting brought the image of fire & water to mind and she, very poetically, said that our relationship was like ‘burning of wine’. An incredible image in my mind which sent me off chasing the sounds that became this track.

Thank you all for taking the time to listen. I hope you enjoy the piece. I am also grateful to be a part of the PublicSpaces family and among such talented artists. Thank you for inspiring me and allowing my music to reside among yours.

This is the title track to my forthcoming solo release on Distance Recordings (

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