A Tumblg by Benjamin Dauer, Senior Interactive Designer at NPR and experimental musician/composer.

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File Under: when community members (Washington DC SoundCloud Hero and former SoundClouder Of The Day in this case!) become SoundCloud employees.

Congrats on your new gig, Benjamin. Happy travels from one capital to the other.

Want to join our team? Let’s have a look.

So happy to be here! Can’t wait to meet everyone in person very soon. Cheers


The Department of Advertising and Graphic Design is The Museum of Modern Art’s in-house design studio.

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SoundCloud Heroes | Collaboration | Save the Pollinators

“Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.” - Maya Angelou

Voice is a powerful tool. Washington DC SoundCloud Hero Benjamin Dauer wants to raise awareness of two diseases affecting bat and bee populations which has a direct impact on us.

For example, how would you feel living in a world without peaches, avocados, chocolate, almonds, or flowers? 

Head to for more info and to get involved by sharing your thoughts.


SoundCloud Heroes are inspirational leaders who bring people together around sound by cultivating and engaging unique communities.

SoundCloud Hero Introduction

Welcome Benjamin Dauer of Washington, DC! Benjamin is an experimental musician and great community leader. He’s an active member of the Disquiet Junto group and runs a music project called Save the Pollinators to raise awareness of a plight affecting bees and bats, and in turns, us humans!)

Benjamin believes the community can come together to raise awareness for global issues. How? Read on.

I am honored to be named SoundCloud Hero for Washington, DC. I am also excited to kick off some collaborative projects very soon. Stay tuned and thanks so much for listening!

Ask That I Walk Easy [disquiet0011-motoring]

This particular Junto submission has a bit of background. Those familar w/my Dwindlers project ( will know that our latest release, Allegories, is a collection of songs that are, in part, a response to Michelle’s current loss of mobility. As such, a daily rhythm for us is the sound of her crutch hitting the ground as we walk. I used a field recording of this sound, sped up, as the base layer for this song.

I wanted to create something simple and repetitive (as much of walking is) but also beautiful and uplifting. She put a reminder on our refrigerator to everyday “Ask That I Walk Easy”. I want nothing more than for her to fully regain mobility and to be able to dance, rollerblade, and yes, even walk, without pain. So, over the course of this piece the base layer of her crutch slowly fades away. This one is for you love.

As always, thank you so much for listening.

More details on the Juno project here: 
Disquiet Junto

Magnolia (Taken with instagram)

A Glimmer of Hope

This is my contribution to @disquiet's latest project. Learn more.

Blurry Walk Home (Taken with instagram)

Ensnared (Taken with instagram)

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